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I am michaela and my other half's name is Austin. We have a beautiful almost 4 year old daughter. We have been together almost 5 years and friends for nearly 15 years.I am 23 and he is 26. We lead amazing lives. We have always provided our daughter with everything she could ever need. We are both relatively healthy people, well Austin was until this year. It was early October when Austin started complaining of back pain, him being a larger guy i never thought to much of it. One day he called me, (very rare for him)and he said i left work and i am going to the ER. I was scared, but said okay ill meet you there. After about two hours the doctor decided he had a "syatic nerve" gave him a shot for pain and sent us on our way. I thought hhmmm maybe i don't have to hear him complain anymore. yes! He went back to work and so did i, we continued our day out as normal,took our daughter to dance class came home and ate dinner. It was about 2 am when Austin woke me up from a dead sleep with a cough, i got up too go make sure he was okay. Never in a million years did i expect to see what i saw. BLOOD. He was coughing up blood every 10-15 seconds. It just kept getting worse, so we flew to the hospital which is normalcy 15-20 minute drive but it took 10 min. We were scared. After what seemed like forever in the ER the doctor decided to give him a ct scan, after another hour of waiting the doctor came in with the results of the scan. He looked at me and i just sank i could just tell it was not good. He turned to Austin and said we seen some abnormality in your scan and we are admitting you to the critical decision unit and doing an MRI. We moved rooms and at this point i have called his mother keeping her posted and his dad who had made it to the hospital a few hours earlier. It was around noon when we got the news. What seemed like an army of doctors came in the room. Austin and i were holding each other, his dad emotional in the corner, the doctor said " there is no easy way to say this, You have cancer young man" We both melted and cried and cried. Now i have never seen this man cry and it made it harder to see him this way. There were more test after  to determine that Austin has stage 3 non-seminoma testicular cancer. All i could think to myself was that i was going to have to watch the man i love struggle with his health and i didn't know how i was going to do that at 23 years old. After a few days Austin was able to go home. We had a doctors appt within the month because the cancer didn't seem that threatening at the time. About a week later, Austin had his surgery to remove the testical that had to cancer in it. Surgery went amazing and he was recovering great. It was about a week after surgery i started noticing he was in more and more pain, was not eating. couldn't even walk to the bathroom. I told him we should go to the doctor or the ER and he said no. As he progresivly got worse i told him either i take him to the Er or the ambulance can it was his choice so after a while i got him the the ER for our rd visit. After many test we found out that Austins cancer had spread through his abdomen , up to his lungs and ending with a spot in his brain. In just a few weeks the tumors multiplied in size and tripled in numbers on his lungs. His lungs now looked like Swiss cheese and he had a softball size tumor in his abdomen. He wasn't able to breath on his own he was in 10ltrs of oxygen and wasn't able to move anymore. I was watching him wither away into nothing. The doctor decided to start chemo the next day and thus began our cancer journey. I quot my job to take care of him as he could not do it alone anymore. I am now helping my 26 year old boyfriend who i love so much do everything from peeing, to showering too eating. Its a daily struggle that we have to go through everyday. 

Alex threw a punch at your cancer.
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Your story is heartbreaking. Bad news after bad news. I wish you didn't have to go through this and you are both so young. I know this struggle, the biggest difference however is you are so young. We are retirement age but hoped to be living our life differently at this point. My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after an ER visit. He had been having pain for a few weeks. Since then there have been surgeries and chemotherapy for the last 2 years. We sold our business and I'm pretty much a full time caretaker.

It is so difficult to see your loved one suffer with nothing you can do but make him comfortable and be a good companion. I don't know what kind of cancer your boyfriend has, we are fighting adenocarcinoma. The chemotherapy my husband has received has worked well and he has had several months with pretty good quality of life. The doctors do not expect to cure him, just to extend his life. It's very sad but it does get easier as treatment starts to work. We will leave no stone unturned and I'm sure you won't either.

I will keep your family in my prayers. You have found a very good group to share and find support. Folks here have a wealth of knowledge and even more compassion and caring. Please keep us posted with your progress and ask as many questions as you want. You are welcome here, even if you need to rant.
He has stage 3 non seminoma testicular cancer, he is 26. I came to this page to rant, and to just have people to talk to. We have an amazing support system but sometimes i have to be so strong for everyone and this page seemed like somewhere I don’t have to put a act on. I am so sorry to hear about your husband, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Austin’s chemo treatment is 6 straight days of chemo with a hospital stay everytime. Every two weeks. He has done the radiation for his brain and we are officially tumor free in the brain! It just so hard to deal with. We life at the hospital most of the time, our daughter is starting to understand that her daddy is getting worse and I couldn’t imagine going through this with out hope of a full recovery.
So glad you have good support. We are here for your rants too, no problem. Marsha made an important distinction. He has testicular caner in his lung, not lung cancer. This is better than lung cancer. Chemo can be very effective. And, no doubt, you are sicker getting treatment than the caner would make you but worth the trouble. Praying for a long and fulfilling life for your boyfriend!
Lance Armstrong, I believe had the same ca and he's doing well. His went up to the brain also. When I read coughing up blood, I immediately thought "lung". Thought it's not lung ca, but testicle ca IN the lung. I've no doubt your hubs will be ok, no doubt. Everyone looks and feels anywhere from blah to awful when going through tx. The main thing is, don't project, well, you're probably too busy to project into the future, go real, but don't over-think it. Go day-to-day. Also look into SSD, even temporarily, this could be Fast-tracked, trust me, I worked gov't for 32 years. You can apply on line.
So sorry to hear this. My story is very similar. The back pain, the coughing up blood. At 24 I never thought I’d hear those three words “you have cancer...” It totally sucks! I had to leave work for short term disability, just so I could still manage to pay the bills. I was pursing my master’s degree, which has also been put on hold. My whole life seems like its hit pause on the Remote. I’m not sure what his chemo treatments consist of, but for me its four rounds of VIP. I’m currently undergoing my third round. Let me know if you need anything or if you have any questions! We’re in this together!
He did four rounds of a 22hrchemo treatment and we stayed in the hospital for it. He had two weeks between each treatment. We just got done with our last round. Now we are being sent to university of Iowa for another opinion because his tumor managed to die but not shrink and it wrapped around a major blood supplie and it’s a scary surgery some surgeons we have talked to won’t do the surgery! I hope you have someone going through this with you. I will be praying for you! No one deserves to go through this at our age! I hope you continue your education, we ended up having to sell our business just to pay our bills. It’s har.
Hi Michaela, how is your boyfriend doing now? My husband also has testicular cancer stage 3.
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